My name is Lynn, and I have recently discovered the adventure of making sculptures with a very versatile medium.

 Please browse my website. Here you will see examples of my work including a synopsis on each piece.

The Goddess has been known to every race and to every corner of the world. The Great Mother she who is everything. She who is the Universe, she is the Goddess, your mother and my mother. She is the land. She is all. She has many faces and many names. To some she is Epona, Athena, to others she is Demeter, Quan Yin, Persephone, Papatuanuku, Brigit, Kali, the Virgin Mary, Sophia, Isis, Hecate and Mary  Magdalene. Take your pick she is all of these and a thousand others. The Earth is a conscious being and needs our help desperately. One way to begin is to be aware of the spirit of the land, ley lines, earth energy, sacred sites and of the inhabitants of other dimensions who share the land with us.

Divinity is contained within the land and geography is sacred. Revering the Earth in the form of the Goddess will also help you to connect to the land and to the Mother. Humanity is responsible for the present state of the earth and it is up to us to strive to correct as much of the damage as possible. Having a Goddess statue in your garden will help remind you we are co-creators with her.


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